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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to know more about what A Game of Love offers?

Read on to see our most frequently asked questions such as package prices, how long you can hire the products for, our delivery areas plus all the nitty gritty details of brining fun to your next event!

Q. What are the 3 Lawn Game packages? 

The Fun Pack


The Festive Pack


The Ulitmate Pack

*Subject to availability

Q. How long can I hire the products for?

    We offer ‘Same-Day’  or ‘Weekend-Long’ hire options so you can hire our products for a few hours or the entire weekend. We are flexible to suit your event, and take the stress out of your event by adding our delivery, set up and pick up services. Please note the prices of the hire does not change with the two options

Q. What areas do you service?

    We offer delivery and pick up to the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Macarthur and Northern Shoalhaven areas. If your event is out of these areas, we can do our best to accommodate but please contact us to discuss as we may charge extra for delivery and pick up.

Q. Do you Deliver and pick up?

    Yes. We offer delivery for ‘Weekend hire’ Option for $80,  for when we deliver and collect on separate days. If you have the ‘Same-Day’ hire, we charge $50 additional to the hire fee. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect and return the games from us directly in Albion Park  – please note certain games require a large space to transport such as a van/ute or even trailer!

Q. Do you hold a bond?

    Yes we hold a 50% bond which is returned the following week after your hire period, providing the products are returned in the same condition they were provided in. For example, if you choose the $200 Fun Pack, your bond is $100. The bond is required to be paid a week prior to your hire period. The Bond is on your invoice for your convenience.

Q. How can I book?

    We have an easy online booking form! Just send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page so we can confirm the availability for your event and will email you the booking form to complete.  Once completed and submitted, we will send you an invoice for your deposit confirming your booking.

Q. Once I book, can I change the games I’ve chosen?

    Yes, absolutely! Pending availability. Best to send us an email so we can check the diary and confirm for you. This will then be updated on your invoice to reflect your booking.

Q. Can I combine Lawn Games and Lawn furniture packages?

    Absolutely! Our lawn Furniture and Games pair perfectly together for every event. See our Lawn Furniture page for all information of packages and prices.

Q. What is the wet weather policy?

The client agrees that the products will be placed in a location that is undercover or out of extreme weather. The client is responsible for providing adequate shelter/wet weather back up plan. The client is required to provide in writing the morning of the event by 8am if the location changes due to weather implications. If no adequate shelter is provided, and A Game of Love is unable to deliver the products to a safe space we will not deliver the products. There will be no refund should this occur.

Q. Do you have multiples of the same game? 

    Yes! We have been busy building multiples of our most popular games and do our best to accommodate everyones needs and requests.  It is best to contact us as soon as possible to ensure the products you would like, can be secured for your event. You can also hire multiples of the same game for your event. Example; 2 Giant Jengas and a Connect4 for your Fun Pack combination.

Q. Can I pick up and return the products myself?

    Yes! We understand that sometimes it can be easier for you to collect and return the products when it suits you. Please note some products require more space than others so we can discuss with you once you select your games the size of vehicle required to transport the products. We have made modifications to some games for easy transporting so we will also educate you on how to easily reassemble once you arrive at your venue.

Q. How far in advance can I book?

    We highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible! Our 2019 and 2020 calendar is currently open so don’t delay!

Q. Are there any additional fees?

    If any of the products are returned with damage or missing pieces, this will be taken from the bond before it is refunded. We also charge a $50 wet weather fee, should the items be returned wet. A Late fee of $50 is also charged if the products are not returned upon the agreed time as this can affect the following bookings.

Your question not answered or ready to book? Email us!