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Ring Toss


An original yard game Ring Toss sounds simple enough but i can assure you its not!

Ring Toss can quickly become a competitive game amongst adults and children as its a race to reach a set number points for the win.

Ring Toss is a perfect game for space conscious events as well as being indoor and outdoor friendly.

Rules of Ring Toss

Basic rules

  • Each round players take turns throwing 6 rings.
  • Score are accumulated after each round (not after each turn)
  • First to score a set number (usually 100) wins
  • In the event of a draw the  players who drew have a throw off  to determine the winner

Quick Game

  • Players take 1 turn throwing 6 rings.
  • Highest score wins.


Game board

Length:600mm Width: 600mm, Height: 270mm


Diameter: 150mm


  • Ring toss game board
  • 6 rings